The International Lean Six Sigma Institute, https://ilssi.org, endorses and highly recommends the training products offered by Leangames.co.uk to enhance the learning experience of Lean Six Sigma and to avoid ‘death by Powerpoint’  during training sessions. The Six Sigma Catapult is an excellent tool for hands-on learning about Design of Experiments (DOE) and we have tested and used their version of it with great success. ILSSI encourage the use of any classroom activities and exercises for a deeper understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles, tools and techniques.

John Dennis

The International Lean Six Sigma Institute

A couple of years we ordered 3 SMED-game sets of the SMED game. We use them in both our masters program as well as in industrial training programs with great succes. www.isye.ugent.be

Karel Bauters

Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Product Design ISyE-PD, Vakgroep Industriële Systemen en Productontwerp ISPO

We recently purchased your torch simulation in order to have an easily transported simulation that quickly and clearly transfers some of the key elements of lean.

To date I have ran this simulation 3 times and the feedback has been very positive.

Hugh Johnston

Lean Process Executive, Invest Northern Ireland

The Reliable Plant recommends the Plug Game: www.reliableplant.com/View/25148/Simulation-game-lean-concepts 

The Reliable Plant

Received this morning as promised, Delighted with the product and the responsiveness of your team – this will be a great tool for us to use. Look forward to dealing with you in the future!

Andrew P Brown

Six Sigma, Manufacturing Capability Team Leader, Military Air & Information BAE Systems (Operations) Ltd

I have been very impressed with the quality of service that I have received over the years. Whether I had a small or large order, the turnaround time on both response and delivery were benchmark. Clear information was provided on a real time basis, day or night. If an urgent order was required, all effort was made to ensure timeline was achieved. So for me, working with Lean Games is a benchmark customer service experience.
I have purchased all products except the Torch Simulation game. The products I purchased are used on a regular basis by trainees over the past number of years. The quality of the products is excellent, very well built and durable to repeated use. The products are robust over time. The documentation and CD provided with each game are easy to use, particularly if you are limited to preparation time. The games are also stimulating to trainees, who view them as applicable to the workplace and not viewed as a game for entertainment only. Simulation exercises are always cited as a positive from training.

Maria Ryan

Managing Director, Crystal Business Solutions, Loughlinstown, Fedamore, Co. Limerick, Ireland

I have used leangames products on the MSc Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management and found them to be excellent in terms of the ability to demonstrate lean tools and techniques in an informative and stimulating manner. Our students really enjoy the games and use the learning to enhance their ability to implement change within their own organisations.

Dr Des Doran

Senior Lecturer in Operations & Supply Chain Management Associate Editor, International Journal of Operations and Production Management (IJOPM), School of Business and Management, University of Sussex

We have been so pleased with playing the Torch Factory Game both with students here at Bergen University College in classes (Lean, Total Quality Management and Logistics), but also with applying it in external course. Among others, employees at Bergen University Hospital have participated at Lean Game sessions and found the Torch Factory Game so interesting that they would like to buy their own copy(ies).

Signe Syrrist

Bergen University, Norway

Each time we have run the game, we have seen intense engagement from every team member, lots of ‘light bulb moments’, lots of improvement opportunities and lots of fun!

Firstly I would like to thank www.leangames.co.uk for their prompt and professional service; it is always great to be on the receiving end of fantastic customer service.
As one of Europe’s largest bakeries we are constantly looking for ways to improve our training, as the Continuous Improvement Manager for the UK I am constantly looking for ways to stay ahead and more importantly engage the minds of our teams, The Torch Factory is one such way.
We have been using The Torch Factory to roll out our Lean Awareness training, which primarily focusses on the 7 wastes and 5S. Upon receiving the game and playing it through with my Operations Director and a production manager we immediately saw the value in the game to teach lean principles. We have so far, used this game to train our global Continuous Improvement management team and our UK Operational Managers, with the view that we will now also use the game to train all of our Directors and then through the departmental managers and individual teams.
Each time we have run the game, we have seen intense engagement from every team member, lots of ‘light bulb moments’, lots of improvement opportunities and lots of fun! The reflection after each round, linking back the scores to reality and the 7 wastes were invaluable. I still have people talking to me about the game and how they might do it differently ‘next time’ they play it days and weeks later! This type of feedback and engagement is an amazing step change in our training approach and results, thanks in the main part to the ability deliver a lean game that gives experiential learning with a process that allows those in the game to deliver a product that actually works. The steps of evaluating the metrics going from a lead time of sometimes 7 minutes to under 5 seconds, a service level of 5% to 100% etc just opens people’s eyes to how their thinking, engagement and ‘will to win’ can really make a difference.
The review process is really where the learning comes in as people start to realise simple things such as the fact that when under pressure they didn’t act in a structured way or that they simply didn’t ask the customer, really powerful stuff!
Our plan at Lantmannen Unibake UK is to continue using The Torch Factory as a basis for further training as it is an extremely flexible training tool that can be utilised to train most aspects of lean and we are easily able to build upon it going forward. As UK CI Manager, I would happily invite anyone considering using The Torch Factory as a training tool to join us as an observer so they can really see what happens when using it the next time we run the game, which we currently plan to do on a monthly basis.

Adam Cardinal

UK CI Manager, Lantmannen Unibake